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Overview and Specifications:

1. Stylish and lightweight,portable, adopting new concept, classic fashion.
2. Fast speed, plug and play, in line with USB2.0 specification, data transmission speed is fast.
3. Safe and reliable,  can be erased and erased 1 million times, the data can be saved for 10 years.
Hardware requirements: USB, PC, laptop, MAC
Operating system: any computer operating system
Power: powered by USB bus
Data reading speed: 10-20M/S
Data write speed: 4-8M/S
Can be made: "USB HDD/ZIP" boot disk (requires computer motherboard support)
Working temperature: 10 ° C -40 ° C
Working humidity: 10%-90%
Storage temperature: -20 ° C -60 ° C
Storage humidity: 5%-95%

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