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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Quantity: 1 Size: 24*2.8cm
Material: ABS Model Number: BB-301
Type: Acoustic Wave Age Group: Adults
Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

1:5 brushing modes, intimate combination to meet different needs

2: magnetic levitation, innovation, flow cleaning

3:30 seconds 2 minutes, smart zone reminder

4, IPX7 waterproof, body wash

5, M-type deep clean, clean three-dimensional brush head

6, inductive charging, USB cable connection

Product Name: Electric Toothbrush

Input parameters: DC-5v

Output parameter: 3.7V

Power: 1W

Magnetic suspension power: 2.0

Charging time: 12-14 hours

Use time: 15 days or so (every morning and evening)

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