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Overview and Specifications:

Suitable for all kinds of occasions, suitable for all kinds of

Multiple modes (swim, skipping, table tennis, tennis, etc.)

Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep
monitoring, and sticker feel no wear.

Wear this smart watch whenever you want. Display and record
data through App controls. The data will be synced to the application. This
smart watch monitors our health and value. This can find and test our health
data, showing the risk status and assessment results

CPU type Hs6620D

Heart rate, normal heart rate, EM7028

RAM (random access memory) SRAM 128kb

SFlash (Read Only Memory) Flash 1M

Acceleration sensor G-sensor 3 axis

Vibration motor shrapnel motor

Bluetooth built-in BT antenna

Charger interface power contact

Button touch single point

Android version 4.4 or higher

Apple system version 8.4 or higher

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