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Overview and Specifications:

1: High-brightness LED light source, low power consumption and
long service life.

2: Automatic detection of product failure, automatic voice
alarm reminder.

3: Using high-quality foamed nickel-cadmium batteries, the
emergency time has reached the national standard for more than 90 minutes.

4: Widely used in various public places such as shopping malls,
supermarkets, hotels, entertainment, stations, etc., for emergency evacuation
lighting instructions.

Brand: Lao Shi

Main material: aluminum alloy light box, elliptical head,
multi-functional composite lamp


Installation method: wall-mounted

Battery specifications: nickel-cadmium battery 4*A001

Power: 12W

Protection level: IP30

Charging time: lt,24h

Emergency time: 90min

Working voltage: AC220V

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