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Overview and Specifications:

Premium High Quality Lock Pick Set and Clear Practice Padlock.
Have you always wanted to learn the fun and challenging skill of Lock Picking?
The clear practice padlock allows you to study the inner workings while learning the feel of your Brand New High Quality Tools. It\\’s easy to use for most of lock pick trainers, but for beginners this is exactly the perfect place to start.
This hobby can become addictive once mastered and you will keep looking for harder locks to pick open. The satisfaction of getting a lock picked is amazing and you will be easily hooked and wanting for more. The pick set is comprehensive enough to tackle different situations and needs and as you develop the skill you will find your preferred tools for each lock.
● Fun – Imagine you and your friends doing time trial challenge, who will be the fastest to unlock!
● Wellmade – The see-through construction allows a clear view of the inner body of the padlock.
● Durable – The lock picks set is made from durable material that will last for years.
● Versatile – The multiple pieces included in this kit makes it suitable for a wide range of locks.

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