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Overview and Specifications:

LED lamp rated voltage: 5V
BEC buck module input voltage: 28 ~ 7V
BEC buck module output voltage: 5V
This product is suitable for the market on the F330, F450, F550, S500, S550 rack
LED lights with 0.5W high power lamp beads, to ensure the penetration of light, long distance can still distinguish the nose through the LED lamp position. It is recommended to buy a package with 5V BEC buck module, connect the battery to light the LED. Flicker control module, you can control the LED light is always lit, flashing and shut down, in the flash mode can control the flashing speed and style, so that the aircraft more cool, easy to identify.
In addition to the APM flight control designed for the LED light intelligent drive circuit can be used in accordance with the flight control status change flashing form, the drive board also with a speaker, in the flight control unlock, lock, low voltage, issued a different Prompt signal.

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