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Overview and Specifications:

The angle has become larger, meeting the lighting
requirements, and the angle can reach 140 degrees.

the color temperature is widened, from 2600K-6500K color
temperature for customers to choose.

rich in color, up to 1.5 million, composed of 8 1.5W

sound quality imitation Danish audio B amp, O structure

wide voltage, can be 85-265V.

the unique APP application remote control the farthest
sensing distance: 10 meters

Bluetooth speakers, high-definition sound quality, enjoy the
music rhythm

Input voltage: 100-240V/50-60HZ

Input power: 10W

Audio power: 5W

Frequency response: 40HZ-18KHZ

Distortion: lt,1%

Signal to noise ratio: gt,80dB

Volume control: APP control

Bluetooth transmission distance: gt,10 meters

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