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Overview and Specifications:

1: High luminous efficiency light source, higher brightness
than ordinary flood light, longer life, low light decay, good color temperature

2: Thick aluminum casing, made of thick die-cast aluminum
material, painted on the surface, not easy to corrode, durable, not easy to

3: Select the radiator, use the principle of strong air
convection, multi-chip heat dissipation, better thermal conductivity, better
solve the heat dissipation problem and guarantee the life of the light

Brand: Liang Meijia

Model: LMJ–24

Input voltage: 220 constant current, constant voltage 90-265

LED lamp beads number: 2 beads

Luminous flux: 2880 (LM)

Color rendering index: 80

Working frequency: 40-50 (Hz)

Shell material: aluminum

Average illumination: 120

Light distribution: astigmatism

Light distribution curve: S

Luminous angle: 120 (degrees)

Working temperature: 40-50

Size: 222*180*88mm

Life expectancy: 30000 (H)

Weight: 390 (g)

Protection level: IP65

Uses: Square Parks, factories, billboards, buildings, etc.

Featured Service: Customized

Color temperature: warm / white light

Series: Spotlights

Type: Outdoor

Power: 30W

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