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Overview and Specifications:

High-transmission PC mask, made of high-quality PC material,
carefully designed high-transparency mask, uniform light transmission.

Highlight chip, high quality lamp bead chip, 360 degree
dynamic flame glow effect.

High heat-dissipating lamp body, selected high-quality
materials, good heat dissipation effect, fast heat-dissipating life factory, and
escorting the light board.

The bottom of the E27 nickel-plated lamp holder is designed
with the common E27 plated lamp head. It has excellent electrical conductivity
and is durable.

Product Name: LED Flame Light

Input voltage: 85-265V

Indicates: 80

Lamp type: 2835/99

Color temperature: 1300-1400k

Light body size: 60*130mm

Single weight: 0.06g/piece

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