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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: KR-CD17

1, Adopts advance technology of ultra low power consumption micro control unit
2, High bright LED digital display the concentration of carbon monoxide
3, Ultra small size,delicate design
4, One button intelligent operation
5, Sensor applied advance electrochemistry technology
6, Two levels alarm,light and sound
7, Strobe light clear identification
8, Voice prompt,English and Chinese Optional.
9 Low power consumption design with unique power saving function
10 Built-in high DB siren
11, Built-in RF Module

This product adopts the advanced technology of ultra low power
micro control unit and is an intelligent carbon monoxide alarm system. Built-in
voice chip, led digital display carbon monoxide concentration. Voice prompts
when alarming, using advanced electrochemical technology. The sensor has the
advantages of stable signal, high sensitivity and high precision, and is widely
used in various occasions. Such as oil production, chemical, sewage treatment,
gas, electricity, mining, tunnel construction, fire protection, fire protection,

Working power: DC4.5v (3 AAA batteries, excluding)

Working environment temperature: 0-50

Alarm gas intensity: 200PPM (strength reminder: 100PPM)

Wireless frequency: 433.92mhz

Material: ABS

color: White

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