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Overview and Specifications:

1: Using 5730 high-brightness bead, the power is sufficient, the life is long, the luminous efficiency is as high as 90-110LM, which is stronger than the general lamp bead and the brightness is brighter.

2: Aluminum lamp body and heat dissipation design, the lamp body is made of thick pure aluminum material, compression molding, high-intensity heat conduction and heat dissipation, anodized, anti-corrosion, never rust!

3: Built-in IC constant current driving power supply, using high-end C constant current power supply technology, no stroboscopic, no radiation, more safe, Changkun Lighting is committed to doing every light!

4: Corn light is suitable for a variety of lamps, garden lights, street lights, mining lights, home lighting, etc., can be used in different occasions (living room, restaurant study), etc.


Product Name: 60W LED Corn Light

Voltage: 85-265V

Luminous flux: 110/W (lm)

Can dimming: No

LED lamp bead model: 5730

Color temperature: positive white light

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