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Overview and Specifications:

1:LED ceiling lamp is beautiful and wide, widely used, home
lighting living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, study

2: High safety, no harm to the human body, energy saving.

3: High brightness: The light source selects high quality T5
type water-coated three-color powder ring type tube, which has slow light decay,
high luminous efficiency and higher utilization efficiency.

Model: DX-8810

Product Name: Iron ceiling lamp

Input voltage: 220V

LED lamp bead type: 5730

LED lamp beads number: 24

Luminous flux: 1000lm

Color rendering index: 75

Light body material: iron

Shade material: Acrylic

Appearance process: sanding paint

Light body color: white

Can dimming: no

Can color: no

Dimensions: 300*300mm

Opening size: none

Weight: 1000g

Protection level: IP42

Life expectancy: 10000h

Power: 12W

Applicable area: 10-15m2

Power supply voltage: 220V

3C certificate number: 2011011001102485

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