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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Size: M Model Number: XY–0711

1 Solar automatic color changing lens, electric welding
operation protective mask, suitable for electric welding, welding, pipeline,
boiler special staff,

2 Protect eyes and face from sparks and harmful radiation under
normal welding conditions.

3 heat-resistant quality, can prevent ultraviolet, infrared,
splash, welding and other radiation.

4 leather head-mounted, lightweight and comfortable, durable.
The back of the brain is a Velcro button that is easy to wear.

5 flip double-layer lens to avoid frequent wearing of the
welding cap due to the determination of solder joints in different working
environments, making the operation more convenient,

Material: cowhide

Color: brown yellow

Height: about 35cm

Size: 33*40*20cm

Weight: 400g

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