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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Configured for(Adaption): Action Video Cameras Weight (g): 0.5kg
Max Extened Length (mm): 80cm Model Number: LDX611
Package: Yes Communication: None
Support Remote Control: No Folded Length (mm): 180
Material: Aluminum,PC

The self-timer (self-timer) adopts six-section eccentric
aluminum tube structure, which has reasonable structure, convenient use,
flexible expansion and free lock. When it is stretched to any length, it can be
“rotated” clockwise (fixed) and counterclockwise “rotated” to unlock.

The product is light and easy to carry. It is a good assistant
for travel, interview and entertainment. It is called “self-timer artifact”. The
handle is safe and reliable, and the camera, mobile phone and microphone are
more stable.

We have carried out several technical changes and upgrades to
this self-timer (self-timer), and now the third-generation improved self-timer
is supplied externally, which has improved several defects:

1) It improves the defect that the original shrinkage is easy
to be locked after locking, and now it can freely expand and contract in any
working state, and is free to lock.

2) The connection structure between the small head and the pole
of the original head is improved, and the defect that the connection is not
loose will be loosened occasionally.

3) Improved the defect that the original lanyard is not strong
enough, now the color is more variety, more beautiful, and stronger

Material: magnesium alloy (high hardness and low weight)

Storage length: 18cm (including folding head length)

Stretch length: 80cm (including folding head length, no clip

Applicable equipment: GOPRO camera, digital camera, millet
camera, Apple mobile phone, Android mobile phone, etc.

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