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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: ACJ-616 黑/白

1: Features

*With human voice prompt

*Using high reliability electrochemical sensor

*LCD display the carbon monoxide gas concentration (PPM)

*1.5V*3 battery power supply (3*1.5V AAA 7th battery)

*Low current consumption, long standby life

*Alarm memory function

*Battery low battery prompt

* Sensor failure self-test function

2: ABS fireproof plastic

3: Carbon monoxide detector, alarm

product information:

Alarm mode: sound and light prompt: (sound is greater than or
equal to 85 decibels)

Alarm concentration: 50PPM, alarm in 60-90 minutes, 100PPM,
alarm in 10-40 minutes, 300PPM alarm in 3 minutes

Static indicator: “Drip~” sounds every 30 seconds, LCD display:

Alarm current: less than 200mA

Quiescent current: less than 50mA

Working temperature: 0 degrees Celsius ~ 45 degrees Celsius

Relative humidity: 20%-95%

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