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Overview and Specifications:


Size: 68 x 42cm

Material: Cotton

Pattern: Cartoon animal or star prints

Suitable for car seat, stroller, highchair,etc


Just as a mattress is to a bed frame, the best stroller liner is the cushioning to the stroller. It is designed to support your kids and prevent them from enhancing protection of the bottom, back, head and neck during play and nap. If you are looking for some comfortable, supportive and cute liners, this seat protector will not let you down.

Made with premium cotton material for comfort and softness

The quilted cotton liner is designed to make your kids feel more comfortable and cozy.

Head and neck support for more protection

Featuring head and neck padding, it supports their weak neck muscles, avoids injuries and pains during walks and prevents unnecessary movements.

Extra padding on the bottom for more capability

Specially designed padding on the bottom cuddles your baby better on the stroller ride.

Cute cartoon stars and animals patterns, great for children

Versatile padding for car seat, stroller, highchair, etc

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