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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Usage Time: 85Mins Power Type: Battery
Model Number: KM-PG500

1: nose hair, rotation catch, stainless steel blade, fast rotation, sharp and no rust

2: Eyebrow knives, professional limit comb, enjoy different lengths of trimming, no skin damage, only shave hair does not hurt the skin, painless fillet knives, eyebrow shaving without pulling hair

3: Shaver, floating cutter head, 360° no dead angle to capture fine hair

4, corner knife, the cutter head adopts R-shaped obtuse angle design to protect your skin while trimming the corners

5, can be washed whole body, waterproof seal design, waterproof system, can be directly washed under running water, easy to clean

6, Push-out switch, user-friendly switch design, portable and comfortable

7, dry battery design, energy-saving motor, environmentally friendly, only a dry battery, can also be used for a long time, convenient to carry

8, easy to replace, easy to operate, four cutter heads can be removed and replaced each other

Brand: KEMEI

Model: KM-PG500

Net weight: 63g

Product size: 17.2*3cm

Power mode: dry battery 1*AA

Waterproof: IPX7

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