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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Usage Time: 40Mins Power Type: Rechargeable
Model Number: KM-6660

1: Nose hair cutter head, stainless steel cutter head, clean and neat, built-in cutter head, safe repair does not hurt the skin, 360° capture, precise trimming
2: Corner cutter head, R-type chamfering treatment of the cutter head, when the machine is running, any angle contact with the skin can ensure safety, corner repair, more type
3: Eyebrow cutter head, professional length eyebrow comb, meet the needs of different length trimming, only shave the hair does not hurt the skin, painless rounded blade trimming razor
4, Shaving head, reciprocating razor head, with internal sharp blade, fit the contour of the face, shaving without dead angle, clean without residue
5, The cutter head can be replaced, the cutter head can be washed and replaced with water, the nose hair device can be installed, the chamfering device can be installed in two different modes, the rotary cutter head can be rotated counterclockwise by 15°, and the cutter head can be removed.

Brand: KEMEI
Name: nose hair combo
Model: KM-6660
Net weight: 12.5*2.5cm
Color as shown
Weight: 67g
Frequency: 50Hz
Power mode: rechargeable
Voltage: 220V
Charging time: 12H
Power: 2W
Washing method: water washing

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