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Overview and Specifications:

Applicable models: General motorcycles, mopeds and electric vehicles.

This labor-saving device does not need to use rubber rings to close the rubber, because this labor-saving device has anti-slip production.

◆ Made of high-quality ABS glue. Ergonomic design

◆ The function is to reduce the hand load during long-distance riding

◆ Simple and reliable installation, open the throttle booster under the action of external force, and insert the throttle switch. According to the habit, adjust the angle along the oil return direction.

◆ Convenient control and flexible use. Long-distance riding only needs to hold the handlebar without clamping.

◆ One-way adjustable rotation (ie, the resistance in the direction of refueling is extremely great, and it is brought to the throttle to rotate, the resistance in the oil-receiving direction is small, which is convenient. Adjust position)

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