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Overview and Specifications:


Screen size / 7 inch, (16, 9 / 4, 3) adjustable resolution / 800 * RGB * 480 system / (PAL / NTSC) convertible / power / about 7W, power input 12-24v operating temperature / 20- 65°C, storage temperature 30-80°C Remote operation, video support/AV1 AV2/brightness, adjustable/contrast, saturation, chroma, no signal, off screen, power on/in case \automatic replacement when reversing, After the reversing is completed, the screen is automatically turned off, and the memory function is turned on by default. This product highlights / 7-inch TFT HD screen / screen real, reversing the display features / 7-inch high-definition screen, touch buttons, support AV1 (front camera) AV2 rear camera, with 360 ° chassis bracket, Adjustable camera parameters according to the direction of their own use: PC7070 chip pixel: 648*488 Image format: NTSC/PAL Diagonal viewing angle: 120 degrees Rated voltage: DC12V Protection class IP5-PI6 (rainwater)

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