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Overview and Specifications:

Model number: 19 key digital keyboard 
Line length: 1.2m 
For: laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones (otg enabled). 
Interface type: USB interface 

Product description: 
1. Anti-skid, anti-fall, not easy to wear and tear, design of light touch button, comfortable handle. 

2. For laptop users or bank and accounting users who need to use the digital keyboard of the full-size keyboard, this digital keyboard is your ideal choice; The design of digital keyboard makes it easier to input large amounts of data, which helps to simplify the input work of large amounts of data. The keyboard can move any time, the keys sound light, easy to input data. 

3. Convenient, plug and play equipment, easy installation; This product adopts the specification of USB interface and is specially designed for laptop users. It can be installed to your laptop or desktop conveniently. It can also be equipped with USB to PS/2 to conveniently install this product to PS/2. 

4. The thin design of this product can be conveniently placed in the briefcase or laptop bag, which can meet your mobile computing needs at any time. 

5. Supporting software :Windows 2000; Windows Millennium Edition; Windows XP.Windows7/8, suitable for all kinds of laptops, desktop computers, industrial control computers, no drive, plug and play, asynchronous switching, and now new IBM laptops and other computers do not conflict, can be used directly.

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