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Overview and Specifications:

   This product is used for charging mobile device and humidifying with fragrance. It adopt atomization technology with frequency 110KHZ to convert the water to droplet with diameter 6um and effectively rule out static electricity and dust, reduce the humidity in car, and moisturize the air. The uniform volatilization could bring comfortable feeling to skin. Charging device and humidifying are working at same time. 

Product character
1.Supports charging mobile device
2.Support charging recognition
3.Support QC3.0
4.Support intermittent spray
5.Support constant humidification
6.Various essence or essential oil only 1 to 2 drops mixed with water
7.Support constant spray for 1H and turn to standby to protect from dry heating.
8.Support intermittent spray for 2H and turn to standby to protect from dry heating.
9.Support air vent clip direction adjustment(according to the direction of air conditioner wing)

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