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Overview and Specifications:

Function operation: 
1. Long press the multi-function button 2S. After the blue LED is always on for 1S, the red and blue light flashes alternately and enters the pairing state with prompt tone. If the paired device is turned on, the device is reconnected. After starting up, long press the multi-function button 2S, then shut down, and hear the prompt tone. 
2. In the pairing mode, search the product device name with the mobile phone or other bluetooth devices for the pairing connection. If the password is required, please enter: 0000. If the pairing times out, automatically shut down for 5 minutes; 
3. When the pairing is successful, the prompt sound is heard, and the blue LED flashes once every 2S, and the phone can be dialed or music can be played through the bluetooth device; 
4. When there is an incoming call, short press the multi-function button to answer the call and long press the multi-function button to reject the call; 
5. In the state of connect or play music, short press the multi-function button to pause play; 6. When the bluetooth headset is beyond the effective range, the bluetooth will be disconnected, and the bluetooth will be automatically connected when it enters the effective range again; 
7. Connect bluetooth headset or play music status, quickly double-click the multi-function button to automatically dial the last phone number; 
8. One and two functions: first connect the first mobile phone, then disconnect the mobile phone after successful connection, connect the second mobile phone in the same way, and finally manually connect the bluetooth headset at the first device, that is, realize one and two functions; 
9. Low power alarm: when the voltage is at low voltage, a prompt sound and a red light will be emitted. When the battery runs out, it will be shut down automatically; 
10. Bluetooth charging: after the charging plug is inserted into USB, the red light is always on, and the red light goes out after charging is completed;

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