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Overview and Specifications:

Protection level: IP66
Product panel material: ABS material
Power socket: 12V15A/24V10A
Support power: 180W
Switch rating: DC12V / DC24V
Circuit Breaker: 15A ATP Fuse
LED indicator: LED red light indicator
Instructions for use:
1. Connect the positive lead (red) to the DC power source (battery) and the LED negative feed lead (black) to the DC negative bus.
2. Connect the positive terminal of the device to the negative line of the switch connected to the load terminal, and the device to the negative bus.
3. Apply the desired sticker to the recessed area of the corresponding branch
4. Use the self-tapping screws to secure the panel where you need it.

product features:
1. Unique and stylish panel design
2. Heavy metal toggle switch with waterproof PVC jacket
3. LED indication when the device is turned on
4. Contains 28 label stickers
Product size (width x height): 107 x 95 mm
Installation depth: 95 mm
Panel opening (width x length): 93 x 76 mm

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