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Overview and Specifications:

Water damage is one of the most common and expensive issues affecting families.Even small amounts of water can cause serious damage to your home.
Now with a leaky alarm, you'll have a way to know when and where your home has a leak and put the leak alert at any potential flood point – in the bathroom, basement, kitchen, boat, garage, etc.
When a leak alarm detects even a small leak of water, the alarm is loud enough to let you know you have a problem that requires your immediate attention.

Feature automatic operation.
Once its three contacts touch the water, it immediately issues an alarm of 85 decibels;
No buttons, no programming, just put it where you want to check for water leaks;
You need a 9 volt alkaline battery, usually a new battery can last for a year;
The battery can be disassembled and replaced freely and used by water heater, sink cabinet, precipitation pump, washing machine, radiator, etc.
Made of durable ABS plastic.It was designed to float in a flood.

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