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Overview and Specifications:

1: Independent carbon monoxide alarm, which can detect CO
carbon monoxide gas (such as honeycomb coal, coal stove, soot), can not detect
natural gas, liquefied gas, urban pipeline gas.

2: No wiring is required, 2 batteries of No. 7 can be used
(this product is not included), and the installation is quick and

3: If the battery is too low, it will automatically remind you
to replace the battery, the LED will display “Lb”, and a beep will sound once
every 30 seconds,

4. LED display accurate concentration detection shows that the
protection of family safety,

5. Through the air inlet detection, when the concentration
reaches the value, it will automatically emit an audible and warning light,

Material: ABS

Power: 2 7-cell batteries (not included in this product)

Alarm sound: 85DB

Alarm current: less than 80mA quiescent current: less than

Low battery alarm: “Drip” every 30 seconds

Product size: 62*62*28mm

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