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Overview and Specifications:

1. Semi-pack design, slow heat dissipation, more conducive to heat preservation

2. High hardness and high temperature resistant glass

3. The steam extraction system, the high temperature sealed space of about 95~°C is formed in the pot to keep the temperature of the coffee powder during the extraction process above 90 °C. The temperature of the extracted coffee is more refreshing and the flavor is more intense.

4. High insulation system, 85 degrees insulation temperature, temperature fluctuation is only plus or minus 2 degrees

5. Two special warm cups, coffee coffee is generally cooked at a temperature above 90C, preheating coffee cup

6. Temperature control, ECBC European Coffee Research Center analysis: The temperature of the water contact coffee powder is about: 9O degrees Celsius, the temperature of the coffee liquid is about: 82 degrees Celsius, the coffee inlet temperature is about: 65 degrees Celsius (Note: Please use pure water, Distilled water, etc., which can be directly consumed by water)

7. Piano mirror technology, the appearance is more refined, high temperature and more durable
Capacity: 1.5L

Material: food grade plastic

Power: 600W

Voltage: 220-240V

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