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Overview and Specifications:

1: [Easy operation, strong vacuum suction, effective

When operating, first press the handle of the dredge to the
lowest position, then align the suction cup with the drain to be dredged, and
find the smooth position.

After ensuring that the interface is tight, pull the
handle, and the piston inside the dredger cylinder will form a short vacuum with
the drain pipe.

Space, which can produce a strong differential pressure
suction force, after repeated pressure lifting, the blocked dirt can be sucked
up, thereby effectively

The ground is restored to a smooth flow.

2: Use a variety of pipes such as the bathroom, kitchen,
bathroom, etc., the suction cup can be used for different sizes of drainage
ports, the interface is tight,

Material: rubber + plastic

Color as shown

Size: length 43cm, suction cup diameter 17cm

Weight: 640g

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