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Overview and Specifications:

1.2018 new mini-retro video game console, the best memories of childhood.
2. Use the cross keys for game control, simple operation, with two handles, can provide better invitations and family friends or game playmates.
3,821 classic games allow you to play all your favorite games again on your TV.
4. Dual controller: The handle is simple and suitable for action games.
5. This product can be used as a birthday gift or party to give to family and friends, so this is undoubtedly an unexpected surprise.
Everyone wants to know why so many people buy this game machine because they like it and want to use the cross keys to get good memories of childhood and gamepads, which makes it easy for you to spend weekends with your family or friends. play. This high-definition game will bring you the joy of childhood, this may be the best memories of life! 

(8-bit game console, built-in 821 classic 8bit games, not support the game card) 

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