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Overview and Specifications:

Product introduction: HDMI signal amplification extender through the use of two shares
Unshielded twisted pair connection to expand HD video up to 1080P, up to 60 meters, not only breaks the limitation of HDMI cable, but also adopts Cat-5e/6 cable wire structure for more convenience and adaptability. At the same time, the cost is also lower, which is the best choice for you to expand the HDMI signal.
1. HDMI single network cable extender, directly plugged in the playback end (such as: Blu-ray DVD) and display (such as: HDTV), no need for HDMI copper cable, easy to install and wiring, but also greatly saves costs.
2. the transmission distance is far, the mini HDMI single network cable extender can transmit distances up to 60 meters in 1080P 60 format, and also supports 1080P30, 720P60, 1080i format signals.
3. the network cable connection technology is mature, even if there is damage in the construction project, it is not harmful, easy to repair. Unlike the HDMI cable, the wire diameter is thick and it is not easy to bend. Once it is damaged, there is basically no possibility of repair.
4. the use of network cable as a high-definition transmission medium, the cost of direct transmission compared to HDMI cable transmission 50%, can be said to be the most economical choice for long-distance transmission in HDMI.
5. Wiring construction is simple and convenient, long-distance HDMI wire diameter is poor and flexible, the most important is that it can not be repaired after damage, and the cable wiring technology is very mature and easy to construct. It is the best choice for home HD experience, multimedia teaching and small-scale public areas! 1080P high-definition video transmission brings you uncompressed, zero-delay HD life experience!
Scope: office, street security, audio / remote display , Post-Processing Workstation/Entertainment
1. Connect the device that needs to be connected to the HDMI port of the extender;
2. Connect the cable interface of the extender with the network cable;
3. Connect the female end of the extender to the display;
4. Open HMDI equipment, the product started working. Note: For your experience, we recommend using a Cat/6 STP cable

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