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Overview and Specifications:


HDMI A 19pin male/male

Gold plating + dust cover

Wire: [(1/0.23bc FPE) * 2 + (1/0.23bc PE) +
AL] * 5P + (1/0.23bc PE) * 4C + 1/0.23bc+96/0.12AL + PVC 1.4V 30AWG 19 + 1
standard wire, 1/0.23bc conductor, 96/0.12AL woven, OD6.0

Meets HDMI version 1.4 standard, supports
3D, supports network, and has feedback function,

Perfect HD: 1440p/1080p/1080i/720p/480p

Scope of application: home, office,
business, conference, education, entertainment, games, cinemas, restaurants,

Uses: Used for high-quality HDMI signal
transmission between DVD, digital set-top box, computer, game machine, portable
multimedia player and other equipment with HDMI signal output interface and HD
projector, high-definition digital TV set and display, etc.


Gender: Male-Male

Connector A: HDMI

Connector B: HDMI

Type: HDMI Cables

Application: Projector, DVD Player,
Monitor, Multimedia, Computer


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