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Overview and Specifications:

Product introduction: This product is specially designed for converting HDMI images. It can process 3 HDMI high-definition pictures at the same time, and process 3 HDMI devices on one HD display.
It is also compatible with HDCP and HDMI1.3B protocols. Support HD video, high-quality and clear picture compatible HDCP device Easy to operate, fast installation, switchable multiple sets of HDMI output devices compatible with 1080P, 4K*2K support 12-bit pixel support input end up to 20 meters output end 3–5 meters far Distance transmission (specific length and wire, output device related) Support 3D picture output is the best choice for you to switch pictures!
Features: 1.3-port HDMI input, support 3D picture switching
2. Compatible with HDCP, HDMI1.3B standard
3. Full HD 1080 resolution
4. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and transport 
Method Of Application:1. Connect the device to be connected to the product's HDMI port;
2. Connect the product's input HDMI port to the display Or projector;
3. Turn on the power of the input device;
4. Turn on the power of the extra display or projector, the product starts working;
5. Use the remote control to control the switch. method

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