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Overview and Specifications:

All are made of high-quality components, with high detection precision, simple operation, light and beautiful appearance, sound and crisp and loud, with start-up and detection warning lights and automatic sound and light conversion function, especially suitable for public places and schools with general sensitivity requirements. Safety inspections in bars, KTVs, factories, exhibition venues, station terminals, etc.

Equipped with a leather case, it is easy to carry and has high and low sensitivity.
When the voltage is not enough, the indicator light is not bright, silent or long-term alarm sound
High sensitivity, ability to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, easy to use, easy to adjust.
The cycle switch is used to switch the audible alarm and the hidden vibration alarm function respectively.
The alkaline battery works at a 10%-15% alarm ratio and can work continuously for more than 40 hours. (This product does not contain batteries, you need to purchase separately)
Technical Parameters:
Size: length 410mm x 85x 45mm
Power: Standard 9v laminated alkaline battery (not included in this product)
Working current lt,50 mA.
Working environment: -5 ° C + 55 ° C

Weight: 409g
Detection distance: (Looking for a ring necklace, exploring the deep broken nails of the wood, detecting the wires, detecting the needles, etc. Please do not shoot this, your request is not up to)

Type 38: 6-10cm
Mobile phone: 5-8cm
Blade: 2-5cm


The MD-3003B1 detector is harmless to heart beaters, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes, etc.

Battery: (purchased separately)

6F22ND 9V battery (disposable ordinary dry battery, nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery)
9V alkaline or nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery: nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery charging more than 1000 times, 20 hours (one-time ordinary battery)

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