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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: AF-706-L

1: Using 2.5M high-sensitivity Doppler ultrasound probe to help mothers find the fetal heart easily and solve the anxiety that it is difficult to find the fetal heart in the early stage.
2: Split design, humanized care, main probe separation, when looking for fetal heart position, the body does not follow the probe to move, so that the mother can see the fetal heart index
3: High-resolution color LCD screen, which can display the fetal heart rate, time, volume level, power and fetal heart rate signal status on the same screen, increase the curve to show the trend of fetal heart rate, so that the expectant mother can understand the fetal heart rate becomes more Intuitive and simple
4, intelligent noise reduction, built-in autocorrelation algorithm, anti-outside sound interference, filtering out false sounds, using water-soluble ultrasonic coupling agent when used, obtaining clear and bright fetal heart sounds
5, Built-in speaker, can be connected to external headphones
6, Node mode, one minute no induction automatic shutdown

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