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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Place of Origin: china Size: 15*3*3CM
Model Number: HD-2138 Type: Blackhead Remover
False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made Material: Acrylic

1. Modern people are nervous, reading and working pressure. In the daily life, the office is full of air-conditioning, the pollution and dust of the city\'s sputum, and the face feels like being blown away by the wind. The pores of the skin are not blocked smoothly, and the skin excretion and absorption work are diminished. The long-term effects of radiation generated by the computer screen cause pigmentation on the skin. The eyes are prone to wrinkles due to long-term tension. The endocrine system caused by irregular working hours makes the skin dull and produces pigmentation. The method is to deepen the epidermis and enhance the cells. Regeneration ability.
2. The second generation of pore cleaners uses a new technology that is better and more effective than previous pore cleaners.
3. Can effectively prevent facial freckles
4. Can be used around the nose, forehead, chin and other parts of the face
5. Another hand massage function is available to allow you to massage your hands while using the device.
6. The pore cleaner sucks out the pores deep in the pores through a suction cup that is strong in suction, so as to clean the pores. Especially suitable for female friends, it will keep your face white and bright, making your face more beautiful!

Product Name: Electric Blackhead Meter
Working mode: electric rotation

1. Please pay attention to the installation of dry batteries.

2. Please clean the face before use (do not use when applying facial cleanser, etc.).

3. Do not use hot water (70. C or more) and detergent.

4. Material: ABS plastic,

5. Power: Use 1 No. 5 battery (not delivered).

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