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Overview and Specifications:

Solar surveillance camera simulation monitor simulation surveillance camera fake surveillance camera fake camera

This is a solar product made of ABS with a silver color. In the case of the light intensity (55K) of the two light pipes, electrical energy can be supplied. If there is no battery, solar energy can directly supply power to the LED light. However, the LED light will not be bright when there is not enough light at night, and it can only be used by the battery. Ordinary 2-AAA batteries can also work. We recommend that users use rechargeable batteries. In the case of rechargeable batteries, the battery of this product can be used for at least 2 years, which can save battery replacement time and save battery cost. Greatly save the user's human and material resources. In addition, this is a general waterproof product, which can effectively prevent water from penetrating inside and protect the battery more effectively. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
With bracket and screw, the solar virtual surveillance camera has a built-in red flashing LED indicator, there are 30 LEDs in the front lens, one will flash, the other is simulated.

It can be very effective to install one or several simulation monitors in supermarkets, hotels, parking lots, libraries, offices, warehouses, bazaars, parks, residential areas, or some prominent locations where necessary. Earthquakes and deter thieves or lawless elements, so that they dare not approach! Used in conjunction with a real monitor, it is both effective and greatly reduces the cost of security!


Material: ABS (styrene)
Shell main color: silver
Individual net weight: 230 grams
Individual gross weight: 250 grams
Body size: 180*80*75mm (length * width * height)
Working status: Highlighted LED warning light flashes. (Blinking interval 2`3 seconds)
Bracket rotation range: can be fully adjusted to (up and down tilt 0-90 degrees, left and right rotation 0-360 degrees)
Switch: Remove/install battery
Power: (2) 1.5V AAA dry battery (product not included) solar energy

How to open the battery cover: Simply open the cover button by hand and open the main battery cover with a screwdriver to remove or install the battery.

 The solar panel can charge the rechargeable battery. If the light is strong enough, only the solar panel can keep the LED working normally.

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