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Overview and Specifications:

Product Information:

[Name]: coconut shell activated carbon powder
[Taste]: Mint, lemon, rose, strawberry, four flavors are optional.
[Net Powder Content]: 30 grams
[Package Gross Weight]: 60 grams
[Efficacy] Food-grade raw materials, use more peace of mind. Effectively cleans bright white teeth while refreshing
[Product Size]: 7 * 7 * 4.3CM


This product is gentle to the teeth when not in use, no water and emulsifier, concentrated and efficient, fully release the active ingredients, to achieve better descaling, brightening effect, reduce the formation of cavities and calculus, clear and comfortable taste, long-term use of this product Can reduce the need for tooth cleaning, and periodontal problems rarely occur.

Dip the activated carbon powder with a moist toothbrush, brush your teeth directly for 3-5 minutes, and rinse your mouth.

For people:
Applicable to all kinds of exogenous coloring, such as smoke stains, tea stains, coffee, cola, colored food, bad habits, etc. caused by yellow teeth, black teeth.
For dental fluorosis, tetracycline teeth, this product can be appropriately improved, but the effect is limited.

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