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Overview and Specifications:

Main feature

Professional radio detection device with high sensitivity, adjustable threshold and large detection range

Easy to use (only + sensitivity button switch), sound and light indicator, alarm is accurate and reliable
Can detect mobile, Unicom, Telecom 2G 3G 4G card vulnerabilities and locators
Can detect GPS locator packet locator high speed upload
Can detect 1.2G / 2.4G wireless camera
Can detect hidden camera 5.8 GHZ wireless and wireless monitoring
Data technology
Frequency range: 1 MHz-8000 MHz
Dynamic range detection: > 73Db
Detection sensitivity: less than or equal to 03 mw (main frequency)
examination range:
2.4GHz wireless camera: 15 square (standard 10 mW camera)
1.2 GHz wireless camera: 10 square (standard 10 mW camera)
Moblie: 2G, 3G, 4G: 10 square
Indication: 9-level LED indicates illumination/sound modulation command
Power: Built-in 3.7 V800mAH lithium polymer battery
Working current: 60mA
Working time: 10-15 hours
Material: aluminum alloy
Weight: 160 grams
Volume: 102×52.5×21.5mm
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