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Overview and Specifications:


Connect your video device with type D HDMI port to video device with
micro HDMI input,

Micro HDMI to Micro HDMI shielding software, suitable for Panasonic
GH4 and other high-definition devices with micro HDMI.

The signal anti-interference ability is very strong, and the camera
power supply is more stable. Improve the power supply stability of the camera
to the HDMI conversion board. Such a compact HDMI flexible flat cable weighs
only 5g!

Conveniently used for brushless gimbal, steering gimbal, SLR
handheld gimbal, ground surveillance, etc.


HDMI flexible flat cable cannot directly transfer AV signals, and a
transfer box must be purchased separately.

Micro plug is suitable for GH4, GoPro, BMPCC, A5000, A6000, A7R, A7S

Mini plug is suitable for 5D3, 5D2, GH3, GH2, 5N, 5T, 5R, 7N

HDMI plug for RED, BMCC, FS7, C300


Gender: Female-Female

Connector A: Micro HDMI

Connector B: Micro HDMI

Type: HDMI Cables

Application: Camera, Projector, DVD Player, Monitor, Multimedia, Computer


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