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Overview and Specifications:

1 This flower pot can help you solve the trouble of no one helping to water the flowers and plants during the business trip. One watering can last for 1-2 weeks,

2 Convenient and practical, beautiful and elegant, placed on the tabletop decoration is very beautiful,

3 Fully transparent and non-breakable lazy flower pots, transparent visible water level, adding water at any time, high permeability and non-breaking glue, good toughness, cotton rope attached to the bottom of the basin, providing sufficient moisture for the soil through the principle of penetration and water absorption

Material: Resin

Color: white + transparent


W05 medium code basin diameter 13cm height 15cm inner diameter 9.5cm inner blue height 8cm

W03 Small size Basin diameter 11cm Height 12cm Inner diameter 8cm Inner blue height 7cm

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