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Overview and Specifications:

Product size: diameter 12CM*5cm

Product weight: 15g

Product material: EVA, aluminum, candle

Lighting method: candle

Burning time: 2 hours or so

Petal color: multi-color optional

Uses: river lights, festival supplies, Buddhist puja, blessing, religious activities, etc.
In the festival, the lotus lanterns are turned into blessings, and the gifts are given to the auspiciousness, Putting a lotus light is a dream of flying and a dream of flying. It is a blessing for the city, a wish for life, a wish for the individual! Let us all have a look at the lotus lanterns and make a beautiful wish!

1: Light weight and good buoyancy. Can float on the water for a long time without sinking into the water

2: High-grade EVA material production, not easy to deform

3: The candle is made of tea wax. It burns for a long time. It is not easy to extinguish.

4. In various festivals, such as Lantern Festival, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day

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