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Overview and Specifications:

1: The filtered self-breathing device consists of a complete hood and a can.
2. The hood is made of aluminum foil to achieve high temperature and fire resistance.
3, the mask is made of soft rubber, suitable for a variety of head types, and the face is well sealed.
4. Single eye large window lens. The surface is specially treated, with an open field of view, good light efficiency, wear resistance and impact resistance.

5, body coverage, protect the various parts of the head.

Product: Filter fire self-rescue breathing apparatus
Model: TZL 30
Protection time: 30 minutes
Protective objects: carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, poisonous smoke, etc.
Inspiratory resistance: lt,800Pa
Expiratory resistance: lt,300Pa
Size: 21*13*11cm
Validity: 3 years

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