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Overview and Specifications:

[product name] fire emergency lighting

[product brand] Kingston

【Product Model】 ZFZE-E3W-2C1

[fixed voltage] AC220V 50HZ

[main power consumption] 3w

[Emergency time] 90 minutes

[Protection level] IP30

[Main material] iron acrylic

[Emergency Conversion] lt,1s

[Installation method] hanging type
1: LED high-power light source, super energy-saving, long service life, optical-level tempering cover, large irradiation area and strong penetrating power.

2: High-quality electrical components have high tightness, stable operation, high efficiency, pure copper wire, better electrical conductivity, low heat dissipation and long life.

3: The outer casing of the lamp is painted with thick iron plate, and the appearance is smooth and the fireproof and high temperature resistance.

4: Indicating the panel and the back, the button is tested after 100,000 keystrokes, and the lamp fault buzzer automatically alarms, which is intelligent, safe and reliable.

5: Widely used in various public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment, stations, etc., for emergency evacuation lighting instructions.

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