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Overview and Specifications:

Made out of German Stainless Steel, Type 600mm
360 degree rotating round handle, more convenient
Sharp Kerfs with good quality
Small bulk and light weight, easy to carry
Excellent tool for outdoor activities
Suitable for sawing wood, plastic, bone, rubber and so on.
Put your thumbs in the rings firstly, and then strength saw body and tighten it. Now Move saw back and forth agilely and quickly.
Material: Stainless Steel 600mm
Saw Length: Approx.55cm(19.7inch)
Whole length: Approx.70cm(27.6inch)
Notice: Make your strength balanced to avoid breaking the saw.
Package including:
1 x Steel Wire Saw

Product Name: Survival Wire Saw

Material: 600MM German stainless steel

Style: stainless steel hook type, plastic ring pull type

Weight: 25 grams

Structure: pull ring + hoop + line

Specifications: saw length: about 55CM, total length of about

Warranty: One year (except for man-made damage and wear and

Features: good quality, sharp sawing, small size, light weight,
easy to carry, is a good tool for survival in the field. Saw wood plastic bone
rubber soft metal and other materials.

Introduction: Wire saw, all wire manufacturing! The handle
can be rotated 360 degrees, which is much more flexible than the handle that the
old model can\’t promote, and it is better. Don\’t underestimate this thin steel
wire, its cutting ability is very strong, in addition to metal, it can cut any
object quickly and effortlessly!

How to use: Simply pull the saw away by hand and rub it back
and forth on the cutting object for a few seconds!

I saw a bamboo in less than a minute.

The saw blade is an important item in the survival backpack.
The wire saw can cut off the thick tree and it doesn\’t occupy space in your
backpack. It is almost negligible.

The wire saw is an important item in the survival kit. The
jigsaw is very fine. When using it, be careful that the wire rust will make the
jagged blunt. After each use, it should be wiped clean and coated with food oil.
It can cut wood and plastic from any direction.

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