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Overview and Specifications:

Product Name: 啪啪 Invisible wear

Product color: purple, pink

Body size: 130*90*55mm

Material: silica gel + ABS

Remote control size: 58*58*21mm

Vibration mode: double shock magnetic impact beating 7 frequency frequency conversion heating, wireless remote control

Power supply mode: USB charging

Life time: 45 minutes

1. Protect the flower core, with air bag at the top and protection at the bottom

2. Really tapping, redefining the clitoris stimulator! Maniac mammoth has come true!

3. Bionic curvature, graceful curves inspired by primates

4. Life waterproof, integrated thick rubber to help you enjoy the water in the water

5. The signal is strong, the new chip enhances the wireless signal, so that the through-wall is unobstructed.

6. Ecological heating, automatic adjustment of body temperature with the discharge of love liquid during collision

7. Intelligent frequency conversion, 7-segment intelligent frequency conversion, after turning on the button, press the frequency conversion key to switch, simulate 7 kinds of fancy stimulation of real people, when the intelligent frequency conversion, the blue light flashes.

8.USB charging, USB interface, fast charging for two hours, the light flashes when charging, the blue light is long after full, long standby, crazy play for 1 hour

9. Silent exclusive, thickening of the rubber to effectively suppress noise, measured within about 65 decibels. The decibel is smaller in the human body. The two people are intimate orgasm.

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