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Overview and Specifications:

Special Feature
FM function
Support 2 Riders Talking at the same time
500 meters Max talking range, up to 120Km/h working speed
Support to Smartphone, mp3 GPS and other audio headsets, with stereo headphone
Safe Auto-receiving phone calls, incoming message or navigation directions
Attention please!
If you want to intercom with others, you need to buy 2 intercom
Maximum talking range 500 meters between 2 riders, Full Duplex wireless communication
Up to 120Km/h working speed
Up to 8 hours talking time
Safe Auto-receiving phone calls
Advanced A2DP & EDR Bluetooth profile
Stereo music/audio function. (Transmitted from A2DP enabled phone/MP3/GPS)
Wind noise DSP cancellation
Water-resistant, fully weather protection
Excellent performance for Full-face helmet & Half-face helemt
Ideal for Motorcycling & Skiing sports

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