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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: JZ-351B

1. Measurement: measurement deviation: + / – 0.3. (infrared
detection system)

2. Rapid temperature measurement: the measurement time is less
than or equal to 1 second.

3. Easy to use: one-click measurement, easy to operate.

4. Non-contact: the forehead of the human body is measured, and
the human skin is not touched.

5. Service life: it can be used for more than 100,000 times
with 2 batteries of no. 5, and the service life of the product is 3 million
times with gt,.

6. Measuring distance: it can be adapted within 5~15CM without
fixed measuring distance.

Large screen display: large LCD display, any light can be
clearly displayed.

8. Temperature alarm: set the alarm temperature freely.

9. Data storage: 20 measurement data are stored for analysis
and reference.

10. Setting modification: the setting parameters can be
modified to suit people of different colors (white, black, yellow, etc.).

11. Unit conversion: use degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit
to convert each other

12, LCD backlight display, rapid temperature measurement!

13. The mode of frontal · ear · object · temperature, which can
safely detect the head without hurting the ear canal, and quickly and accurately
measure the temperature!

Name: IT-121 Infrared Electronic Thermometer

Model: IT-121

Product parameters

Measuring range: body temperature 32.0 ° C ~ 42.2 ° C
temperature 0 ° C ~ 100 ° C

Measurement accuracy: human body ± 0.2 ° C object ± 1 °

Product size: 30mm × 44mm × 152mm

Memory reserve: 20 Weight: about 71.6g (without

Power parameters: 3V (AAA 1.5V battery 2)

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