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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Type: Face-lifting bandage Size: 10cm
Model Number: 098 False Eyelash Craft: Hand Made
Material: Other

1: Using light and breathable fabric, it will not feel stuffy in hot summer days.

2: 3D facial design, long-term use can effectively block computer radiation, improve face double chin

3: Physical effects, physical therapy, no injection, no medicine, no knife, no side effects

Name: Face-lifting bandage

Color: pink white

1. It is recommended to use it for 20-40 minutes each time. If the face feels uncomfortable, remove the mask as appropriate.

2. It is recommended to wash with warm water below 40 degrees. Do not use any bleaching brightener. Do not get close to high temperature and sharp objects.
3. Do not use when there is a wound in the covered area. Do not use it for children, pregnant women, heart disease, high blood pressure and skin diseases.
4. Please save this in a place where there is no direct sunlight.

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