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Overview and Specifications:

1: LED high-power light source, super energy-saving, long
service life, optical-level tempering cover, large irradiation area and strong
penetrating power.

2: Automatic emergency function for power failure, using
high-quality nickel battery, power failure emergency time gt, 90 minutes,
charging, over-discharge protection, intelligent fault automatic detection

3: Voice prompt when fault occurs, rechargeable type, larger
exposure interview, strong illumination light, higher brightness, effective
penetration of smoke, and timely evacuation of the scene.

4: Widely used in various public places such as shopping malls,
supermarkets, hotels, entertainment, stations, etc., for emergency evacuation
lighting instructions.

Product Name: Fire emergency lighting

Product brand: Winterfurt

Opening distance: 210mm

Rated power: AC220V 50HZ

Main electric power: 5W

Emergency time: gt,90 minutes

Emergency light effect: gt,50LM

Protection level: IP30

Emergency conversion: lt,0.2S

Ambient temperature: -10°C-55°C

Lamp material: oval flame retardant plastic

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