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Overview and Specifications:

New FQ26 single WIFI folding spherical drone aerial photography mini four-axis aircraft

(Single machine without remote control, mobile APP operation)
Product Features:

1. The aircraft can ascend, descend, hover, advance, retreat, turn left, turn right, fly left, right side, four sides roll function, no head mode, fixed height function, one button takeoff, one button landing.
2. wifi function can connect APP, APK system to take photos, video, mobile phone can transmit camera images in real time, mobile phone control.
3. The aircraft can be folded for easy carrying.
4. The remote control has anti-interference protection function, the aircraft has low-current protection over-current protection, and the aircraft is flexible and stable; the fine-tuning of the aircraft through the fine adjustment of the mobile phone APP ensures normal function.
5. The aircraft body is made of high-strength, drop-resistant engineering plastic, which is resistant to falling and durable. Built-in six-axis gyroscope, flying smoothly and smoothly.

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